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Industrial Automation

More than ever, manufacturers face exceptional challenges to adhere to rigid specifications and meet tight timelines, while adhering to unyielding budgets. In addition, they must operate in diverse production environments, using a vast array of equipment purchased from numerous vendors, at different times.

Flexible workflows further demand the ability to make quick and precise line changes. In such a challenging environment, factory adaptability, quick response time and control are crucial to remaining competitive.

PCS Industrial Automation solutions turn separate manufacturing processes into one programmable and predictable process. Customers realize significant operational savings through optimized manufacturing operations and added flexibility to production activities.


  • Assembly Equipment
  • Lean Manufacturing Equipment
  • Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment
  • Part Feeders
  • Testing and Inspection Systems


  • Automotive
  • Lean Manufacturing Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Food & Beverage

PCS Industrial Automation - Videos

Testing & Inspection System     Spoiler Assembly

Bulk Load System     Lift Assist-Dashboard

PCS Industrial Automation
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PCS Automation - Image Gallery

Software, Control Design and Equipment for Industrial Automation

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