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Industrial Robots are the most flexible general-purpose tools available and properly programmed can be instrumental to the efficiency and bottom line of any manufacturing operation. Robots can handle different parts with minimal programming time and can pick, place and sort at high speed, type of operations, with the advantage that they can operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance.

Programmable Control Systems Ltd. is an experienced Industrial Robotic Systems Integrator. Robotic pick and place solutions are ideal for manufacturing, consumer, and food industries. PCS provides Robotic Systems Solutions to Tier 1 automotive suppliers of seating and interior components across North America.


  • Testing and Inspection Systems
  • Material Handling
  • Order Picking and Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Part Transfer
  • Pick and Place
  • Grinding and Polishing


  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

KUKA Robots

KUKA PartnerProgrammable Control Systems Ltd. is a KUKA Robots Integrator partner. Our customers know that a PCS designed Robotic System will run with zero downtime for many years, while providing opportunities for process improvement, capacity enhancement and cost reduction.

PCS Robotic Systems - Videos

Pick and Place Prototype     Grinding Robot Prototype

Robotic Arm for Automotive Application     Assembly Robot - Clip Insertion

PCS Robotic Systems
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PCS Robotic Systems - Image Gallery

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