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Working closely with our customers' production and optimization requirements, we provide automation products and systems that deliver end to end automation solutions. Take a closer look at our projects.

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PCS Arm Balancer Monitor     PCS Arm Balancer Panel     PCS Control Panel
PCS Custom Plug for OPDS-SWS Test     PCS Digital IO Communication     PCS Electrical Control Panel Assembly
PCS Panel (2     PCS Panel and Controls System     PCS Portable Tester-Detail
PCS Rack Mount PC & Seat Test Screen     PCS Relay Matrix Box     PCS Relay Matrix Detail
PCS Screen IO Monitor and Force     PCS Screen-3-Axis Servo Control     PCS Screen-Torque Reaction Arm
PCS Screen-Report Generation     PCS Control Panel and Relay Matrix Box     PCS Vision System Panel
PCS Screen-Shot Peen Drop Test     PCS Screen-Single Axis Servo Control     PCS Screen-Torque Reaction Arm
PCS Screen-Torque Reaction Arm Position Teaching    

PCS Control Systems - Videos

High Speed Gantry System     30-second Test

Relay Matrix Board    

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